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Warehouse Stores are an American Icon, but are They Actually Cheaper

Updated: Nov 9, 2021


With the rise of 2 liters, big SUVs, and everything else large and in charge; warehouse stores were bound to be a hit in America. With bulk bargains galore, these retailers offer us almost anything our hearts could desire. Are we actually saving money when we shop there though?


If you’ve already purchased a membership card then you’re likely already a believer in warehouse shopping. Buying bulk is a great way to save money on more than just groceries, but think about some of the points below next time you’re pushing that massive cart around.

Creating Waste

Is buying more than you need a good way to save money? Buying a gallon of ketchup because of a slight per ounce discount probably won’t save you money unless you use a fair amount of it before the bottle expires. Ketchup lovers rejoice, but average consumers might not benefit from the gallon of ketchup strategy.

Use the price tags to your advantage

It can be difficult to accurately access if the item is a good deal or not when the package size is so much larger than average. Try to use the per unit pricing that’s typically located on store price tags. Just compare the per ounce or per pound price between the smaller and larger packages to find out if the bulk option is actually a great deal, no difficult math necessary.

Fun Fact: buying bulk can reduce the amount of waste we produce since less product packaging is typically required for these items

Use a list

Making an impulse purchase at a standard grocery store might mean we bought box of cookies. At a warehouse store, that impulse purchase can be significantly larger. When we splurge at a warehouse store, is it more likely that we buy 8 granola bars or 80 granola bars?

PRO Tip: Some warehouse stores don’t post signage to put you into a treasure hunting frame of mind. Sticking to a list can help you avoid fools gold.

Warehouse stores are a great place to shop, especially if you have a large family or like to entertain. Used properly, they can save families a tremendous amount of money each year. Just like any time you’re spending money, it’s important to be a conscious decision maker. PRO Financial Network can do more for you than just providing these useful financial tips. We’re a full service financial services office that offers services including retirement planning, investment brokering, estate planning, life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance; among other financial services.

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