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In Michael Romanello's latest book "THRIVE", he talks about his process for retirement and how to navigate the financial pitfalls you'll encounter through life. Mike wants to help his readers avoid looking back with regret by giving them a path to enjoying their retirement and completing their bucket list items.


Topics include planning for homes, healthcare expenses, tax efficiency, running out of money, and minimizing risk. The goal of Thrive is to help you feel confident in your plan and excited for your retirement!


Get Your Copy


It takes 1 day to read the book and become more aware of financial topics that affect you every day

This book answers questions such as:

  • Which is best for me?  15 year vs 30-year mortgage

  • strategies to improve your financial decision making

  • Will income tax rates go up, down, or will they stay the same in your lifetime?

  • What is the most tax efficient vehicle to make contributions to?  

  • tax traps that most people don't understand or even know about

  • Protecting against future expenses which might spell financial disaster in your lifetime

  • Financial Benchmarks for your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s ,50’s, 60’s and 70’s

  • Developing your vision for your financial future


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