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Make a Resolution That Helps You THRIVE

Updated: May 5, 2021

We may not have a party or the opportunity to spend time with each other this year, but this New Years Eve can be good for a different reason. As we emerge from one of the most collectively burdensome years in recent history, we’re met with the opportunity to start a new year. However trivial another trip around the Sun might seem, this is the perfect opportunity to accomplish something meaningful.


In this article we’ll help you develop your New Year’s Resolution.

Step 1 - Understand what needs to change

It may be a matter of achieving something which decreases unhappiness or increases happiness or maybe both simultaneously. Choosing exactly what resolution would make the greatest impact on your life can be difficult, but one change is better than no change.

Step 2 – Decide on a goal this will help you THRIVE

Once you’ve decided on what needs to change in the new year, you must develop your goal. A goal that will help you THRIVE is Time-bound, Healthy, Realistic, Impactful, Valid, and Exact. These qualities are essential to the formation of any goal. Not only that, but it can be more likely to achieve said goal, thanks to its 5 qualities they possess.

Breaking it down

Time-Bound –

The goal must have a specific time frame. “Sometime” is not specific enough to defend against procrastination. Deadlines are an important part of motivating ourselves.

Healthy –

No goal should have a negative impact on your health, we don’t make resolutions to gain unhealthy weight in the same way that we shouldn’t malnourish ourselves to lose weight. Unhealthy actions are no way to succeed

Rateable –

Able to be clearly rated as either accomplished or unaccomplished. It’s the difference between, “I’ll keep my room clean” and “Nothing will be left on the floor”. One is fact and one is open to interpretation.

Impactful –

If it doesn’t make a difference and there’s no point in doing it, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. You Should use your efforts to pursue another goal.

Valid –

The purpose of the goal makes sense. Achieving the goal is both possible and will provide a meaningful benefit of some sort.

Exact –

Must be specific and contain an action word. Any room for interpretation is room for laziness to creep in. A good goal can’t be bent or twisted to benefit laziness.

Step 3 – Find an Accountability Partner-

Whether it’s a friend, spouse, parent, or even your child; finding an accountability partner can be essential to your success. We tend to take better care of others than we take care of ourselves, so don’t underestimate the power of a partner. For this reason, it might be smart to have the members of a household pursue a common resolution.


4 Goals - Given in plain and THRIVE form

Make your bed -

Make the bed every morning after waking up for all of 2021.

Save money -

Start an emergency savings account and save x dollars per paycheck until the balance is equal to 6 month’s net household expenses. (It’s important to do the math and set a deadline that is both challenging and achievable for your situation)

Read more –

6 days each week, read a book for no less than 15 minutes during all of 2021.

Exercise more – Go to the gym 3 times a week and exercise for an hour each session during all of 2021

Learn more about financial topics –

Create a list of topics to investigate and meet with a Financial Advisor by the end of January to discuss them and to plan your new year.

Want a coach and accountability partner in the new year? PRO Financial Network now offers financial planning packages. The Milestone Planning Package caters to those who are out to make the most of landmark occasions such as graduating from college, having a child, or entering retirement while our Full Financial Planning Package offers even greater benefits, specified to both your stage in life and your profession, for those who want a partner in progress. The service doesn’t stop after the plan has been created either. With the Full Financial Planning Package, you’ll have access to exclusive software and services all year.

2021 will be a year to remember;

this is a time to hope, to be optimistic, and to develop a plan that helps you make the most of all that’s to come. Best wishes to you in the development and the pursuit of your resolution(s). Happy New Year's!

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