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Disability Insurance for Fellows and Residents

Why You Should Purchase Disability Insurance During Residency

As a resident physician, the thought of becoming disabled may feel very distant to you. But in your profession, you’ll see firsthand how accidents and illnesses can impact a person and their family.

To protect all of the hard work you’ve invested in your education and your future, now is the time to focus on your finances. Keep in mind that the decision to purchase disability insurance is one that will stick with a physician throughout their entire medical career.

Why now? Well, it’s best to purchase insurance during your residency when you’re young and healthy. As we age, our health inevitably changes. And as illnesses or injuries arise, you may not qualify for disability insurance or exclusions might be placed on your plan.

Plus, most residency programs have discounts available to you that will remain attached to your individual long-term disability policy as long as you continue to pay the premium.

Benefits of Disability Insurance as a Young Adult:

  • Discounts are available during residency programs.

  • Premiums are less expensive because they are based on age.

  • Your disability insurance policy will be based on your current health today.

Consulting a disability insurance broker is the best way to ensure a steady income should the unexpected happen. We’ll work with you to select a disability insurance policy and help you stay on top of it as you grow in your career as a doctor.

Click below for frequently disability insurance questions frequently asked by physicians and physician residents.

Resident Disability Insurance FAQs

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