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Starting a Business - Milestone Planning

A business is only as good as its plan

Everyone begins with the intention of succeeding, this makes working with a PRO even more important. Below are the services included in this Milestone Financial Plan.

Action Checklist

You'll leave with a list of actionable financial goals to carry out your plan

Income Protection Analysis

Understanding who will cover business expenses if you're sick, hurt, and unable to work

Cash Flow Review

Understanding your profits and how your business provides for you

Discussion of Business Goals

Aligning short term tactical actions with long term goals. Discussion of employees, revenue, production, and more

Asset Purchase Advisory

Review and recommendation on major purchases requiring borrowed funds

Employee Compensation Review

Understanding and balancing employee plans for retention and success

Employee Healthcare Review

Understanding different options available and working with you to select the best one for you

Statement of Assets & Liabilities

Understanding key assets and liabilities as well as their affects on your business goals

Investment Allocation Plan

Understanding diversification, the majority of business owners are drastically over invested

Debt Review

Individualized advice that will help you handle loans without disregarding your business goals

Insurance Coverage Analysis

Proper coverage of partners and key employees, buy-sell agreements, and more

A business that succeeds without sufficient planning is a rarity. To help avoid failure, have a PRO help with your planning.

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