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Pre-Retirement - Milestone Financial Planning

Careful planning is needed to enjoy your golden years

What rate of return do your savings have to earn to retire without crippling your standard of living? How much do you need to save monthly to retire when you want to? How long will you need to work given your progress? If you don't make changes to your current plan, how much will you have to reduce your standard of living? Answers to all of these and much more.

Detailed Budget

We work with you to form a sustainable budget personalized to you, your needs, and your plans

Action Checklist

Upon completion you'll receive a checklist of actionable goals that will prepare you for retirement

Income Protection Analysis

Understanding how your income will be taxed in retirement

Emergency Savings Review

After careful review of finances a recommendation is given

Discussion of Financial Priorities

Aligning your short term actions with your long term goals

Debt Review

Individualized advice to manage your debts

Major Purchase Review & Recommendations

Decisions made on major purchases can have life-changing effects

Employee Benefits Review

Understanding your current benefits and its effects leading up to and into retirement

Healthcare Review

Review of current coverage and a review/recommendation of your coverage in retirement 

Income Tax Review

A review of where your money goes, its tax implications, and how to optimize

Survivor Needs Analysis

The best plan will take care of your loved ones for their entire lives, should you pass away unexpectedly

Investment Allocation Plan

A structured and diversified portfolio is necessary to a complete plan

Post Retirement Cash Flow Review

Answering an essential question, how much money will you live on in retirement

Statement of Assets & Liabilities

It's important to understand your Assets and liabilities approaching retirement

Review of Retirement Assets

Assets carried into retirement will have effects on your finances, we investigate and offer recommendations

Education Funding Strategy

Helping you understand the true cost of education and the best method to provide it for a loved one

Long-Term Care analysis

Protecting your life's work, legacy, and dignity 

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning Review

These may be the most important documents signed in your lifetime

Social Security Optimization

Helping determine the best time to begin taking Social Security

Retirement Date Discussion

Helping you determine the best time for you to retire based on your desired lifestyle and savings

There is so much more to providing for a child than the money you earn. The way that money is spent has drastic effects on a young family. It's best that a PRO helps craft the plan. 

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