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New Grads - Milestone Planning

Start on the right path with the right foot

College graduates work diligently for years to attain their degree. They have a vision for their life, but often have difficulty formulating the financial plan that will shape their future. The years following graduation are some of the most formative and impactful in a lifetime. This is how we'll help you start strong, with a financial plan and the knowledge to succeed.

Detailed Budget

We work with you to form a sustainable budget personalized to you and your needs

Action Checklist

Upon completion you'll have a checklist of actionable goals to act out your plan

Income Protection Analysis

An insurance recommendation to protect your most important wealth building asset

Emergency Savings Review

After careful review we make a recommendation on the size of your emergency fund

Discussion of Financial Priorities

We help you align your short term actions with your long term financial goals

Debt Review

After review a strategic recommendation is made to handle your debt most effectively

Student Loan Debt Review

We take an individualized approach on handling student loans

Major Purchase Review

We offer review and recommendations on anything that can't be written out of your checking account

Healthcare Review

Review health benefits including individual and group to offer the best recommendation for your needs and budget

Income Tax Review

A review of where your money goes, its tax implications, and how to optimize

Statement of Assets & Liabilities

Be aware of your assets and liabilities at the start of your journey so they can be tracked throughout your lifetime

Investment Allocation Plan

A structured and diversified portfolio is necessary to a complete plan

Employee Benefits Review

Understanding benefit options, and the effect of starting a job or leaving it

Thanks to the unique nature of the graduate's situation, a financial plan is necessary for success in life. These Financial habits graduates form now will shape their future. The time to start is today.

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