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Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance FAQs

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What is the best time to obtain Long term care insurance

The best time to obtain long term care insurance is while you’re Healthy. Of course, this is different for everyone and this period can be long gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too late.

Am I too old for long term care

There is no age restriction on long term care, higher age typically correlates with a higher price.

Am I too unhealthy for LTC

Typically there is no disqualifying health ailment, although the price can become a barrier for many who suffer currently or have suffered in the recent past from a disease or injury.

How expensive is long term care Insurance

The cost varies depending on multiple factors and the only way you’ll know what it will cost for you is if you request a quote

What is the likelihood of needing long term care

According to the US Department of Health 70% of 65 year old's will require Long Term Care.

How expensive is Long Term Care

It depends your plan is customized to your budget and needs. You can adjust the benefit period, daily benefit etc. to tailor it to your savings. It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as it has to be. 

Won’t Medicare pay for long term care?

They do pay for some of it. First blah blah days look it up and you have to come from a hospital or nursing home. The last place I’d like to be is at the mercy of the government

Won’t Medicaid pay for long term care?

Depending on the state you live in, Medicaid is for asset poor people. You’ll have to drain your assets including your home to qualify for Medicaid assistance.

Can’t I self insure?

Paying pennies on the dollar for long term care insurance is preferable, but with proper planning you can self-insure with assets in a safe manor.

Will it cover all my needs or just some of them?

It depends on the plan you select. You can select a relative percentage of potential costs you’d like covered.

Is there a discount for married couples?

Depending on the company there can be discounts. As an independent broker we have the access to shop around and provide you with a company that does this, if that’s what’s right for you.

Do premiums stay the same over time?

Depends. Depends what style of LTC Insurance. Traditional long term care premiums can be raised. If you pay up front it cannot be raised and after 10 years it often cant be raised.

What is Shared long term care insurance?

Shared Long Term Care Insurance is a type of policy owned by a married person which enables them to own a plan separate from their partner and their partner to own separate from them, but allows still allows access under certain circumstances. When one spouse's policy has been depleted by their long term care, they would be allowed to "dip" into their partner's policy. Not all shared policies are the same and a trusted and licensed professional should help you understand the intricacies of a plan before purchasing a policy.

What is Hybrid Long term care insurance?

Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance is essentially an upgraded version of permanent Life Insurance. This bundling of your policies helps to alleviate the "use it or lose it" nature of Long Term Care Insurance, which is a main concern

What are the options to afford Long Term Care

There are essentially 5 different options. 

  1. Self Insure

  2. Traditional long term care

  3. Hybrid Long Term Care

  4. Annuities with Long Term Care Riders

  5. Rely on government assistance

We are happy to assist you in finding out which is the best option for you.​

What happens if I die without using my long term care insurance?

Depends on the plan, some plans you get nothing, some plans offer a return on premium, some plans offer a death benefit. It’s all based on pricing.

What types of care are covered by long term care insurance?

Some plans only cover facility care, and others will cover everything.

My children have promised to take care of me

Most don’t want to be a burden, they may have their own children, work and other issues. The space and financial wherewithal to care for an aging parent can be difficult. A long term care policy can benefit those who have children which want to care for their parent, but would like part of the week off.

Is the only solution for the price of Long Term Care, Long Term Care Insurance

There are annuity riders and other strategies which can be used. There are other financial products like annuities that can be used to offer long term care benefits.


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