True Own Occupation Physician Disability Insurance

As a physician, your most valuable asset is your ability to treat patients and earn an income that supports you and your family. Protecting that is vital to your financial stability. Physician disability income insurance ensures financial security in the event that you become injured or disabled from a variety of life-altering events. 

Physician disability income insurance is important and necessary to protect you and your family’s way of life should you become disabled from an accident or illness. There are plenty of companies who offer disability insurance, but very few offer coverage for your specific medical specialty as a True “Own Occupation” definition of disability. 

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Important Disability Insurance FAQ

Why is True Own Occupation Insurance Important?

Own Occupation disability insurance policies will continue to pay out if you can no longer work in your specialized field.  This applies even if you are able to work in another field. 

How Much Will Disability Insurance Cost?

A properly insured physician should expect to pay about 2 to 4 percent of his or her income. There are other ways to reduce the cost when customizing a disability insurance plan to fit your financial needs, and we’re happy to help. 

What Factors Affect Disability Insurance Cost?

There are several factors that can impact your disability insurance coverage. 

Applicant Factors: Include specifics such as age, gender, state of residence, occupation class and if you use tobacco or not. 

Policy Factors: These include details such as desired coverage amount, benefit period, waiting period and built-in policy features. 

When Should I Purchase Disability Insurance?

We recommend purchasing disability insurance when you are young and healthy. Whether you are a resident or are currently operating a practice you should have a True Own Occupation Disability Insurance plan in place. 

We will review your current plan and provide you with a customized occupational disability insurance plan.  

Who Does True Own Occupation Insurance Cover?

True Own Occupation disability income protection covers a variety of physician’s working in the field. Some examples include the following:

Head and Neck
Emergency Medicine
Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Pain Management

Let PRO Financial Help You Navigate Selecting the Right Policy for You

Since 2003, we have been providing True “Own Occupation” disability insurance to physicians. As insurance brokers, we specialize in disability insurance. We work to get quotes from all of the major doctor disability insurance providers to make sure you have the proper coverage to maintain your standard of living. You have invested plenty in your education and training, and it’s crucial you have an advocate and program to protect you in case of an injury. 

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Your financial future is important. Having a disability income coverage plan is just the first step to financial success. Make sure you are doing as much as you can to protect what you already have and your future income potential. Start with a complimentary consultation from PRO Financial Network, hassle-free. 

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*Ohio National Financial Services does not offer some of the above features on their disability income insurance policies.